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While the term may not be familiar to most, turn-key rental property is quite common through-out Oakville and surrounding area.

Simply stated, turn-key rental property is fully repaired and managed by a property manager. The acquisition of the property and the leasing (securing of tenants) is vetted through a local real estate brokerage that partners with a property management company. Combined, they offer all of the necessary services that long-distance investors or hands-off landlords require. No need to go looking for:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Accountants
  • Insurance Agent
  • Contractors
  • Appraisers

A network of professionals is made available to you, one that has been carefully cultivated through professional experience. Turn-Key rental property investing is a great option for a local, long-distance or foreign investor looking to participate in Oakville’s real estate market without all the work. With turn-key rental property you might not make as much money as if you did all the work yourself, but the time and money saved may be a high priority to you.

Turn-Key rental property investing stands out as a top pick versus Hands-On Real Estate investing. It requires little learning, no extra hours involved in hands on management, greater privacy, passive income cash flow, wealth growth from rising equity, and a less then active role in the day to day aspects of the property and tenant interaction.